Hi, I’m Jen and I love hiking! We have so much beauty nearby to explore! I can give you all the trails and tips to make your next hike with or without kids enjoyable!

Life is sweet with my favorite guy, our five cute rascals, great friends and family and lots of hiking and nature photography to bring joy to my soul!

I have been hiking and enjoy sharing the photos so much that everyone has been asking me to recommend trails to try. I decided to create this blog as a resource so everyone can find the perfect hike for them!

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  1. Wade

    Hi Jennifer. I’m the graphic designer for the Zion Forever Project. We’re the nonprofit partner for Zion National Park, and each year we publish a booklet showing the projects we’re helping the NPS to fund. One of this year’s projects is designed to improve trail access for wheelchairs and other disabilities, and we need a photo to illustrate the article. I found one of your images online showing a man in a wheelchair on one of the trails. Would you be ok if we used it if we provide you with a credit? Your work would be seen by a select group of VIP’s, including wealthy donors and government officials.

    Thank you for considering our request!

    1. utahhikingbeauty

      That sounds like a really cool project. If it’s the photo I am thinking (on my post about the Riverside Walk), then it’s just a cell phone photo, so it may not be good enough quality for your purposes. I don’t have photos releases from the people, but none of them are fully looking without sunglasses. If you think the photo works, then that is fine. Thanks.

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