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Alien Tower in Winter

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Alien Tower is a great winter hike without avalanche risk. You can bring a dog along and it’s uncrowded this time of year.

Getting There

Maple Hollow Trailhead (15182 S. Elk Glen Dr.) The trail starts at the end of Deer Ridge Drive.

The Trail

The plows created a giant pile blocking the top part of the parking, but there are still spots on the side of the road and you can still access the port-a-potty. This second photo near the base of the trail looking back toward the little chain you step over and the port-a-potty.

Just further up from the chain is a fence and the wide path goes up a gentle hill.

Near the top of the hill you start to get views of the valley below. The first is looking ahead and to the southeast, towards Alpine. The second is looking west, towards Draper and Riverton.

As you are heading along that flat section, keep your eye out on the left for the path that heads up the hill. It’s hard to notice until you pass it. If you can see the mountains ahead then it’s about time to enter the base of the path. This second photo shows looking back on the path up to the left and the way up to the right.

This terrain goes back and forth between hill and flat sections.

As you get higher there are more views!

More flat and hilly path.

More views! These are west towards the Copper Mine and north towards the east bench of the Salt Lake Valley.

Alien Tower

We arrived at Alien Tower! This is actually a surveying tool.

Extreme Sledding

If you are up for an adventure you can sled on this one, but it’s not ideal, especially for beginners. This has steeper hills intermixed with flat trail. The best extreme sledding trails have a more gradual grade and you can sled a larger percentage. If you are hiking this then you might as well sled down if you feel comfortable.

For more about Alien Tower, a 2.5 moderate trail in other seasons, see this post:


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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