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Battle Creek Falls in March

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I hiked Battle Creek Falls again recently. It’s such a great short hike, that is close to the city so it has cell service, but it has a great reward for a fairly small effort. Microspikes are still recommended, since the trail is a bit icy. As you get higher up the trail you get an impressive view of the west face of Mt. Timpanogos. I have only hiked it from the more common Timpooneke Trail and the Aspen Grove Trail, but there is a more adventurous path farther up this canyon.

This was the first time I’ve hiked it and found more wildlife than mountain chickadees and squirrels. This time a magnificent Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram came within 30 feet of me. Luckily they are generally very gentle animals and merely posed for me before heading higher up in the canyon.

Bighorn Sheep near Battle Creek Falls

The falls are even icier than they were in mid-December when they looked like an ice cave. Now there is a mound of ice at the base of the falls.

Here is the view from the side of the falls, from the path that heads farther up the canyon.

When you are headed back down the canyon, you can see views of Utah Lake.

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