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Big Springs in Winter

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Big Springs Hollow up South Fork in Provo Canyon is a beautiful hike all year round. In the winter the lower section is at low risk for avalanches and is usually packed enough to only need micro-spikes. If you plan to go beyond the spring, then check the avalanche danger and bring snow shoes.

One of the fun things about driving up South Fork in Provo Canyon is the wildlife. I didn’t have my camera ready to get the best shots, but I did see a handful of deer.

The trail begins at the top of Big Springs Park. This is a narrow loop, and there are a few paths, but they all stay in the narrow valley so you can’t get very lost. I will explain this going counter-clockwise. Pass the sign, cross the foot bridge and then the trail heads to the left.

There were quite a few trees bent with the weight of the snow, but it was still easy to pass by underneath without ducking.

Some years there is much less snow, but even when the valley has been melted for weeks, there is usually still snow up here.

It is very peaceful to walk through the quiet woods in the snow.

In about 0.4 mile, you get to a large meadow.

As you head up, turn around to see the view behind you!

Here is a close up of the hill at the top end of the meadow.

This is so beautiful in every season!

The trail continues up in the trees beyond, but I was short on time and had to turn around. On my return trip I took the path furthest to the right, which is wider like a one-lane road.

There were some weighted down bowing branches on this side too, but they were all taller than me.

You can take the “road” path all the way back to the parking lot, or switch back to the narrower path through the trees at any time (since they are only about 30 feet apart and easily seen).

Here are a few more shots in other seasons:

It’s beautiful in the winter!

For more on the short and easy 1 mile hike up to the meadow see this post:

For the full 3.9 mile moderate loop, click on this link:

Other nearby hikes are Springdell Cascade and Frozen Bubbles.


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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