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Cave Hikes in Utah

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There is something so fascinating about caves! Even man-made caves have a mysterious quality. Here is a collection of cave hikes, both large and small in Utah! Under each link is the name, the distance, the difficulty and the location (county). For some of these you’ll want to bring a flashlight to help you explore.

Timpanogos Cave

Of course Timpanogos Cave needs to be first on the list!

It is actually a series of caves filled with stalactites, stalagmites, and other amazing natural underground features.

Remember to reserve a time for your tour and be prepared for the steep hike there. All the details can be found here:

Timpanogos Cave – 3.1 difficult miles (Utah)

Neff’s Cave

Neff’s Cave is actually one of the deepest caves in the entire United States!

Neff’s Cave was naturally developed along a fissure in the earth and is 1,700 feet deep! It has rarely been entered and requires professional rope descents. Therefore more of it is closed off to the public for safety. Up until a few years ago you could go in about 30 feet. 

Now it’s sealed up to about 2 feet, but it’s still fun to see when you pass on this short trail Neff’s Canyon Loop or the longer Neff’s Canyon Trail.

Neff’s Canyon Loop – 1.2 easy miles (Salt Lake)

Lava Tubes

The Lave Tubes are caves were created long ago in Snow Canyon State Park. Bring a flashlight and a friend if you plan to go inside these caves.

Lava Tube Trail – 2.3 moderate miles (Washington)

Kanab Sand Caves

This next one is man-made, but lots of fun with good photo opportunities. The Kanab Sand Caves, also called Moqui Caverns, were created for sand mining to create glass.

These require only a short hike, but one part is a bit slippery.

Kanab Sand Caves – 0.5 moderate miles (Kane)

Ledgemere Cave

Ledgemere Cave is actually a man-made cave you can explore at the Ledgemere Picnic Area in Big Cottonwood.

This is a fun one for little kids to explore with help and can be combined with a picnic.

Ledgemere Cave – 0.1 easy miles (Salt Lake)

Rock Canyon Cave

Rock Canyon Cave is similar to Ledgemere Cave, except this one requires a moderate hike.

Hobbit Caves

The Hobbit Caves are tiny kid-size caves an easy stop in Logan Canyon.

There is a waterfall next to the Hobbit Caves and this “hike” is only a couple minutes, so it’s great for all ages.

Hobbit Caves – 0.1 was miles (Cache)

Belly of the Dragon

The Belly of the Dragon is actually a man-made culvert under the road, but it feels like a cave (even though if you look closely you can already see the light coming in from the other end.

Kids love walking through this tunnel and the name adds greatly to the adventure!

Belly of the Dragon – 0.4 easy miles (Kane)

Babylon Arch Caverns

The Babylon Arch trail is just north of St. George. The hike is named after the small arch along the trail, but the path also goes along the Virgin River, where there are some small caverns.

Babylon Arch Trail – 2.6 moderate miles (Washington)

Wind Cave

The Wind Cave in Logan Canyon is a series of very cool formations high on the canyon wall!

Contrary to what the name suggests, this formation was created by water erosion, not the wind. This trail is steep and mostly exposed, but the views and cave are beautiful!

Wind Cave – 4.0 moderate/difficult miles (Cache)

Mossy Cave

This is not really a cave, but a big overhang grotto that has water dripping inside. In the summer it fills with moss and in the winter with icicles.

There is also a waterfall along this family-friendly, easy trail just outside Bryce Canyon National Park.

Mossy Cave Trail – 0.8 easy miles (Garfield)

Donut Falls

The waterfall part of Donut Falls cascades into a cavern.

The scramble to climb up in the cavern is more challenging, but the rest of the hike is easy.

Donut Falls – 1.5 easy miles (Salt Lake)

Dripping Rock Falls

Dripping Rock Falls isn’t really a cave either, but you can climb under the overhang and it feels a bit like a cave.

Cathedral Gorge

Cathedral Gorge is actually over the border in Nevada, but it isn’t too far from Cedar City and cool enough to include.

Cathedral Gorge is a very cool state park filled with unique rock formations, that make slots and caves. This is a really fun place to play and explore!

Cathedral Gorge – 0-5 easy miles (Nevada)

Little “Caves”

Along some trails there are tiny “caves” or little spots for kids to play they are in a cave. Here is a list of trails that have them:

For other hikes, check out my recommendations. Look by location, difficulty, length, suitability, or other attractions, like lakes, waterfalls, giant flags, fall leaves, wildflowers, or winter hikes.


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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