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Easy Utah Hikes Over a Mile Long

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Are you looking for a great hike that is easy, but over a mile? Click on the links for lists of short easy hikes or moderate hikes.

There are so many great easy hikes over a mile in length. Some of my all-time favorites are on this list!

Favorite Easy Hikes Over a Mile

Cecret Lake 1.7 miles (Salt Lake) (has one big hill to climb)

Northern Utah Easy Hikes Over a Mile (county location)

Big Springs Hollow to First Meadow 0-1.1 miles (Utah)
McConkie Ranch Petroglyphs 1.0 miles (Uintah)
Neff’s Canyon Loop 0-1.2 miles (Salt Lake)
Paper Airplane Trail 1.2 easy miles (Weber)
Tony Grove 1.2-2.5 miles (Cache)
Ogden Wrecked Car Hike 1.2 miles (Weber)
Granite Flume Trail – 1.2+ miles (Salt Lake)
Bridal Veil Falls 0-1.4 miles (Utah)
Moonshine Arch 1.4 miles (Uintah)
Donut Falls 1.5 miles (In Winter it’s 3.5 miles) (Salt Lake)
Escalante Cross 1.7 miles (Utah)
Birdsong Trail 1.7 miles (Weber)
Lupine Trail – 1.75 miles (Salt Lake)
Quito’s Incline 1.8 miles (Utah)
Telegraph Trail 1.8 miles (Salt Lake)
Hidden Valley Trail 1.8 miles (Salt Lake)
Golden Eagle Peak – 0.8-1.9 miles (Utah)
Memory Grove 0-2 miles (Salt Lake)
Upper Quito Trail – 2 miles (Utah)
Wild Rose Trail – 2.0 easy miles (Salt Lake, nearly Davis)
Ruth Lake – 2 miles (Duchesne/Summit/Wasatch)
Scout Falls Viewpoint 1.2-3.0 miles (Utah)
Overlook Bench from Friendship Drive 2.2 miles (Salt Lake)
Draper Suspension Bridge 2.3 miles (Salt Lake)
Salt Creek Waterfall 2.6 miles (Juab)
Bonnie Lake 2-3 miles (Duchesne)
Little Confluence Nature Trail 0-3 miles (Salt Lake)
Porter Fork Road 0-3 miles (Salt Lake)
Icebox Canyon Loop 3.4 miles (Weber)
Blackridge, Sidewinder and Diamondback Loop 3.6 miles (Salt Lake)
Albion Meadows 3.6 miles (Salt Lake)
Quito Trail 3.8 miles (Utah)

Sensei Trail 0-5 miles (Utah)
Dimple Dell Park Loop 0-15 miles (Salt Lake)
Provo River Parkway 0-30 miles (Utah)
Jordan River Parkway 0-45 miles (Salt Lake and Utah)
Murdock Canal Trail 0-17 paved miles (Utah)

Southern Utah Easy Hikes Over a Mile (county location)

Hidden Haven Waterfall 1.4 miles (Iron)
Sulphur Creek Waterfall 1.8 miles (Wayne)
Park Avenue 1.8 miles (Grand)
Landscape Arch 1.9 miles (Grand)
Riverside Walk 1.9 miles (Washington)
Petrified Dunes – 0-2 miles (Washington)
City Creek Canyon – 0-2 miles (Salt Lake)
Goblin Valley 0-2 miles (Emery)
Johnson’s Canyon and Arch 2.0 miles (Washington)
Red Reef Trail 2.2 miles (Washington)
Grand Wash Trail 0-4.4 miles (Wayne)

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We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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