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Extreme Sledding

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Extreme sledding is sledding down a hiking trail. It is such a fun part of winter hiking! Not all sleds are ideal for this, but Eurosled Merikan Missle Sleds and Zipfy Sleds are both great. If there is a lot of powder than a plastic toboggan will work better.

What to wear

We wear micro-spikes on the hike up and carry our sleds on our backs. Then we take off our spikes and put on our ski goggles for the ride down. The goggles help protect from any branches or snow. Be sure to wear snow pants for extreme sledding to stay dry.

Extreme Sledding Trails

There a many trails that would work for extreme sledding. You’ll want to look for one with a gradual incline, that isn’t near a cliff or along a stream or other hazard. Make sure there is enough snow to cover up some of the little rocks and make for a smooth ride. Most trails aren’t great in their entirety, but good ones will have large sections where you could sled. It’s possible you’ll even see some sled tracks along the trail. There are a few trails that are well known for extreme sledding. Porter Fork Road in Millcreek Canyon is a great beginner trail.

Thaynes Canyon is also perfect for sledding. I like to hike up Desolation and then sled down Thaynes.

If you want to go sledding a little further or faster, try Neff’s Canyon or Rock Canyon.

Horsetail Falls also gives quite a few extreme sledding sections.

You will want to avoid sections of trails with drop offs or running water nearby. Even the same trail can change depending on the snow levels. Make sure you stay safe.

Extreme Sledding Video Clips

Here are a few videos to give you an idea of what it’s like:

Extreme Sledding in Thaynes Canyon
Extreme Sledding the Horsetail Falls Trail
Extreme Sledding Porter Fork Road
Extreme Sledding Horsetail without much snow
Extreme Sledding Neff’s Canyon with fresh powder

If you are looking for more typical sledding, Tibble Fork Reservoir or the Sledding Hills at Donut Falls are fun places to go in the mountains.

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