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Fall Color in Utah

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Utah is glorious in the fall! The leaves change to crimson, gold, orange, and more in the most stunning display! The timing of peak colors varies a bit each year, but it usually falls in the last few weeks of September through mid-October.

The highest elevations usually start before the valley. These are listed with scenic drives first, followed by each county. I wrote notes next to them and put stars next to the very most impressive.

Scenic Drives

***(Astounding in middle fall)
***(Early fall color)
(Glorious in early fall)
*(Early Fall Color)
***(So beautiful in fall)
**(Incredible golden aspens in middle fall)
**(Gorgeous middle fall foliage)
**(Lovely middle fall colors)
(Beautiful early to middle fall color)
**(Gorgeous fall color)

Salt Lake County

City Creek Canyon 0-2 easy miles
Miller Park and Bonneville Glen Loop 0-1 easy miles (so pretty in fall)
Rattlesnake Gulch 3.8 moderate miles
***Salt Lake Overlook 5.2 moderate miles (Impressive in fall)
**Thaynes Canyon / Desolation Loop 1.6 moderate miles (lovely in fall)
**Neff’s Canyon 1.0 miles (Stunning in fall)
**Heugh’s Canyon 3.0-3.5 moderate miles (Amazing in fall)
**Heugh’s Canyon Waterfalls – 3.5 moderate miles (Amazing in fall)
*Stairs Gulch 1.6 moderate miles
Lakes Blanche, Florence and Lilian 6.9-9 difficult miles
***Circle-All Peak 4.0 moderate/difficult miles (breathtaking fall foilage)
**Willow Heights/Willow Lake Trail 2.2 moderate miles
**Silver Lake, Brighton 0.9 easy miles (accessible)
**Twin Lakes 2.3 moderate miles (stunning in fall, pictures below)
Lake Solitude 3.3 moderate miles
Lake Mary 2.6 moderate miles (the orange leaves and blue lake area stunning contrast)
Temple Quarry Nature Trail 0.3 easy miles (accessible)
Lisa Falls 0.3 easy miles
**Gloria Falls 2.4 moderate miles (very pretty in the fall)
Bell Canyon Reservoir 1.3-1.5 moderate miles
Rocky Mouth Falls 0.7 easy miles
Telegraph Trail 1.8 easy miles

Wasatch County

**Huber Grove and Epperson Trail Loop 2.5 easy miles (vibrant early fall colors)
**Bloods Lake 2.8 moderate miles (Amazing in fall)
**Lake Lackawaxen 4.6 moderate miles (Golden in fall)
Salmon Run at Strawberry Reservoir late August – late October

Utah County

Horsetail Falls Northside Route 4.25 moderate miles
Horsetail Falls 4.0 moderate/difficult miles
*Grove Creek 4.25+ difficult miles (gorgeous in fall)
Canyon Nature Trail 0.6 easy miles
**Pine Hollow Loop 4.5 moderate miles (Beautiful in fall)
3.5-4.6 moderate miles
**Silver Lake, American Fork 4.7 moderate miles (Golden in fall)
*Timpooneke Trail to Scout Falls and First Meadow 3.0-4.2 moderate miles
Mount Timpanogos from Timpooneke Trailhead 14.3 difficult miles
Island Meadow 2.0-2.6 moderate miles
Julie Andrew’s Meadow 2.6 moderate/difficult miles
**Primrose Overlook 3.1-4.0 moderate miles (beautifully golden in the fall)
***Cascade Springs – 0.8 easy miles (Early fall color)
Mountain Backdrop 0.2 easy miles
****Stewart Falls 4.0 easy/moderate miles (Spectacular in the early-middle fall)
**Timpanogos Falls 2.4 moderate miles
***Big Springs Hollow to First Meadow 1.6 easy miles (Early fall color)
***Big Springs Hollow Loop 3.9 moderate miles (Early fall color)
South Fork Park 0-1 easy miles
0.6-1.0 moderate miles
**Upper Quito Trail 2.0 easy miles (Early fall color)
**Quito’s Incline 1.8 easy miles (Early fall color)
***Buffalo Peak Trail 0.9 easy miles (One of the best places for early fall color)
**Rock Canyon 2.8-5.7 moderate miles (Incredible in fall)
Grotto Falls 0.6 easy miles (pretty in fall)
Double Falls 1.0 moderate miles
**Payson Lake Loop 1.0 easy miles (gorgeous in fall)
Salt Creek Waterfall 2.6 easy miles

Davis County

***Mueller Park 0-3.3 moderate miles
***Elephant Rock 6.8 moderate miles (breathtaking in fall)
***Farmington Creek Waterfall and Car Graveyard 3.3 moderate miles (incredible in fall)
Adam’s Canyon Lower Falls 1.4 moderate miles
**Adam’s Canyon Upper Falls 3.8 moderate miles (Gorgeous in fall)

Weber County

***North Fork Park Waterfall 0.8 easy miles (Incredible early-mid fall color)
**1.2 easy miles (glorious in fall)
**Icebox Canyon Loop 3.4 easy miles
**Wheeler Creek, Icebox Canyon, and Art Nord Loop 5.3 moderate miles
Birdsong Trail 1.7 easy miles
*Beus Pond Nature Trail 0.5 easy miles (lovely in fall)

Green Pond Trail (Early fall color)

**Skull Crack Trail 4.7 moderate miles
Salmon Run is late August – late October
“The Major” Flag in North Ogden flies the first two weeks of November

Cache County

**Wind Cave 4.0 moderate miles (Impressive in the fall)
*Hobbit Caves and Right Hand Fork Waterfall 0.1 miles (Lovely in fall)

Central and Southern Utah in Fall

**Maple Canyon Arch 1.6 moderate miles (brilliant in fall) – San Pete County
Bullion Falls 2.0 moderate miles – Piute County
Kanarra Falls 3-5 moderate/difficult miles – Iron County

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We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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