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Favorite Moderate Hikes in Northern Utah

Here are some of Utah Hiking Beauty’s very favorite moderate hikes. There are so many hikes I love that it’s hard to narrow it down, but I’m going to put an * or ** by the description of my very favorites, but if they made this list they are great trails. These are ordered by length with the county in the description.

Moderate Hikes Under 2 1/2 miles

Red Ledges and Diamond Fork Arch (0 – 1 miles) – Utah
Adam’s Canyon Lower Falls (1.4 miles) – Davis

*Bell Canyon Lower Reservoir (1.5 miles) – Salt Lake
*Battle Creek Falls (1.6 miles) – Utah
*Thaynes Canyon / Desolation Loop (1.6 miles) – Salt Lake
Willow Heights / Willow Lake Trail (2.2 miles) – Salt Lake
Lower Mill B North Fork Trail (2.2 miles) – Salt Lake
**Gloria Falls (2.3 miles) – Salt Lake
Living Room Lookout (2.3 miles) – Salt Lake
*Twin Lakes – (2.3 miles) Salt Lake
Springdell Cascade – (2.4 miles) Utah
**Timpanogos Falls (2.4 miles) – Utah
Bridesmaid Falls (2.4 miles) – Utah
Waterfall Canyon (2.5 miles) – Weber

Moderate Hikes 2.5 – 3.9 miles

Meridian Peak (2.5-3.0 miles) – Salt Lake
**Lake Mary (2.6 miles) – Salt Lake
*Bloods Lake (2.8 miles) – Wasatch
*Lake Catherine (2.9 miles) – Salt Lake
Scout Falls (3.0 miles) – Utah
Heugh’s Canyon (3.0 miles) – Salt Lake
**Primrose Overlook (3.1-4 miles) – Utah
*Farmington Creek Waterfall and Car Graveyard (3.3 miles) – Davis
Bear Canyon Suspension Bridge from Hidden Valley Park (3.3 miles) – Salt Lake
Mueller Park – (adjustable 3.3 miles) – Davis
Wild Rose Loop 3.4 miles (Salt Lake, nearly Davis)
Heugh’s Canyon Waterfalls (3.5 moderate miles) – Salt Lake
Avenues Twin Peaks 3.6 moderate miles
Rattlesnake Gulch (3.8 miles) – Salt Lake
*Adam’s Canyon (3.8 miles) – Davis
Mount Wolverine (3.8 miles) – Salt Lake
Big Springs Hollow Loop (3.9 miles) – Utah

Moderate Hikes Over 4 miles

**Stewart Falls (4 miles) – Utah
Horsetail Falls (4 miles) – Utah
Wind Cave (4 miles) – Cache
**Sunset Peak (4.1 miles) – Salt Lake
*Horsetail Falls Northside Route (4.25 miles) – Utah
Tibble Fork Loop/Tibble Fork Trail (3.5 – 4.6 miles) – Utah
**Brighton Lakes (4.4 miles) – Salt Lake
**Primrose Overlook Longer Loop (4 miles) – Utah
**Pine Hollow Loop (4.5 miles) – Utah
Fifth Water Hot Springs (4.5 miles) – Utah
Cecret Lake from Albion Base (4.5-5.0 miles) – Salt Lake
Lackawaxen Lake (4.6 miles) – Wasatch
Silver Lake in American Fork Canyon (4.7 miles) – Utah
Skull Crack Trailhead 4.7 miles (Weber)
Wheeler Creek, Icebox Canyon, and Art Nord Loop (5.3 miles) – Weber
Sugarloaf Peak (5.4 miles or 2.7 miles) – Salt Lake
**Sunset Peak from Brighton (5.8 miles) – Salt Lake
Lake Mary, Twin Lakes, and Silver Lake Loop (6.0 miles) – Salt Lake
Elephant Rock (Big Rock) (6.5 miles) – Davis

Just a reminder that if you aren’t used to long hikes, they will probably start to feel hard. Start with shorter ones and work up to the longer ones. Don’t forget anything on the packing list.


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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