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Flags in Utah Canyons

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I love our nation and the freedoms we enjoy.

Giant Flags

There is something so inspiring about seeing giant flags in Utah canyons. Some of these flags like “Lady Liberty” in Pleasant Grove and “The Major” in North Ogden are seriously impressive. They are over 1/4 acre in size! They are 150 feet long and each star is 6 feet across! These huge flags weigh more than 400 lbs!

Also some hikes have permanent regular-sized flags displayed so I will include those at the end.

Dates for all Flag Displays and Memorials

The giant flags are only hung for a week or two at a time. Some memorials are also for a limited time. Each year the dates shift by a day or two to catch the weekends, so I will try to keep them updated.

Here are all the dates for the different flag and memorial displays:

Flag Displays

We are so fortunate to have multiple opportunities to see them throughout the year. All of these large flags can be seen from the road, so in that sense they are handicapped accessible. The Healing Field and Memory Grove actually have sidewalk to be fully wheelchair accessible.

July Flags

In July you can find large flags in Grove Creek Canyon and one in Little Willow Canyon to celebrate Independence Day and Pioneer Day.

September 11 Flags

To honor those who died on September 11, 2001, there is a Healing Field in Sandy. Instead of a one large flag, they display 3,300 to represent each of the people who lost their lives. In 2021 Follow the Flag hung a large flag in Rock Canyon in Provo. Last year in 2022 they moved it over the Snake River in Twin Falls, Idaho (Photo by Drew Armstrong.

Veteran’s Day Flags

The first two weeks of November, leading up to Veteran’s Day, there is a large flag in Coldwater Canyon in North Ogden to celebrate veterans and Major Brent Taylor who was the Mayor of North Ogden who died in the line of duty.

New in 2023 there will be one in Snow Canyon in St. George!


There are also beautiful war memorials to honor fallen soldiers in Memory Grove and the Utah State Capitol in downtown Salt Lake City. In May there is a Memorial for Fallen Officers at Blackridge Reservoir in Herriman.

Flags on Hikes

Some hikes have permanent flags or at least during the summer months. The highest and most challenging is Mount Timpanogos. The flag is attached to the hut at the peak. Sometimes due to weather and other concerns it isn’t there for while, but soon someone will replace it.

The two main trails to reach Mount Timpanogos are from Timpooneke and Aspen Grove.

Ensign Peak has flags near the beginning of the trail. You will also pass them on the shorter, accessible Vista Mound.

Other trails you might want to tray are the Herriman Fire Memorial Flag trail and Flag Rock in Farmington.

Flag Photos

Here are more photos of large flags in the Utah canyons.

You may be interested in other Utah features, like waterfalls, lakes, caves, fall leaves, or wildflowers. You can also celebrate other countries at the International Peace Gardens.

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We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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