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Flags in Utah Canyons

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There is something so inspiring about seeing flags in Utah canyons.

We are so fortunate to have multiple opportunities to see them throughout the year. All of these flags can be seen from the road, so in that sense they are accessible. The Healing Field and Memory Grove actually have sidewalk to be fully wheelchair accessible.

In July you can find large flags in Grove Creek Canyon and one in Little Willow Canyon. Over September 11, there is a Healing Field in Sandy and a large one in Rock Canyon in Provo. The first two weeks of November, leading up to Veteran’s Day, there is a large flag in Coldwater Canyon in North Ogden. There are also beautiful war memorials to honor fallen soldiers in Memory Grove.

0.3 easy miles roundtrip
3 moderate miles roundtrip

0.1 easy miles roundtrip
0.3 easy miles roundtrip
5 moderate miles
0-2 easy miles roundtrip

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