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Frozen Waterfall Hikes

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Frozen waterfalls are a highlight of Utah winter hiking. Utah has such beautiful waterfalls and many of them are accessible in the winter! Do you have a favorite frozen waterfall hike?

Make sure you have microspikes for traction on the trail. For other info on what to wear or what to bring, check out this post on Winter Hiking.

Farmington Creek Waterfall and Car Graveyard in Winter

Farmington Creek Waterfall and Car Graveyard – 4.9 moderate miles (Davis)

Waterfall Canyon in Winter

Waterfall Canyon – 2.5 moderate miles (Weber)

Donut Falls in Winter (possible avalanche area near falls)

Donut Falls – 3.5 easy miles (Salt Lake)

Adam’s Canyon Upper Falls

Adam’s Canyon Upper Falls – 3.8 moderate miles (Davis)

Adam’s Canyon Lower Falls

Adam’s Canyon Lower Falls – 1.4 moderate miles (Davis)

Lisa Falls in Winter

Lisa Falls – 0.3 easy miles (Salt Lake)

Gloria Falls in Winter (After Gloria Falls is buried, you can still do most of the trail)

Gloria Falls – 2.3 moderate miles (Salt Lake)

Bells Canyon Waterfall in Winter 

Bells Canyon Waterfall – 4.6 difficult miles (Salt Lake)

Rocky Mouth Falls in Winter

Rocky Mouth Falls – 0.7 easy/moderate miles (Salt Lake)

Horsetail Falls in Winter

Horsetail Falls – 4.0 difficult miles (Utah)

Horsetail Falls Northside Route

Horsetail Falls Northside Route – 4.25 difficult miles (Utah)

Battle Creek Falls in Winter

Battle Creek Falls – 1.6 moderate miles (Utah)

Timpanogos Falls in Winter (avalanche area)

Timpanogos Falls – 2.4 moderate miles (Utah)

Stewart Falls (avalanche area – only go when the risk is low)

Stewart Falls – 4.0 moderate miles (Utah)

Upper Falls in Winter

Upper Falls – 3.0 moderate miles (Utah)

Bridal Veil Falls in Winter (actual falls are avalanche area, viewing them from parking across the Provo River is generally safe)

Bridal Veil Falls – 0-1.5 easy miles (Utah)

Springdell Cascade in Winter (also known as Bridesmaid Falls)

Springdell Cascade – 2.4 moderate miles (Utah)

Bridesmaid Falls in Winter (also known as Springdell Cascade)

Bridesmaid Falls – 2.4 moderate miles (Utah)

Fifth Water Hot Spring in Winter

Fifth Water Hot Springs – 7.7 moderate miles (Utah)

Grotto Falls in Winter

Grotto Falls – 3.6 moderate miles (Utah)
Adam’s Canyon Waterfalls – 4.6 moderate miles (Davis)
Adam’s Canyon Waterfall – 3.8 moderate miles (Davis)

Other Winter Ice

Ice Stacks

Frozen Bubbles

Lindon Marina in Winter


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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