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Grotto Falls in Winter

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Grotto Falls is a beautiful destination in the Nebo Loop, just east of Payson. It’s always fun to see the waterfalls when they are iced.

Normally this is a super quick 0.6 mile round trip hike, but when the winter gate is closed, it is an additional 1.5 miles each way (along the road). There were fires in this area in 2018. Most of the area was saved, but there are some burned trees you will see along your way. About halfway up if you look to the right, you might see a flag high on the canyon wall.

Microspikes are always recommended in the snow. Even if you have been to this hike before, double check where to turn off. You will pass a few other trailheads on your way, so be sure to go until you see this sign.

The road has a bit of incline, but nothing too steep. The actual trail is even a bit flatter. You will walk next to a stream.

When you are nearly to the end, you will come across a bridge. Grotto Falls is just to the right around the corner after you pass. This is the view looking backwards after crossing the bridge.

Grotto Falls is such a beautiful hike any time of year! For more about this hike, click here:


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