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Horsetail Falls in Winter

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Horsetail Falls in Alpine, Utah is a popular hike year round. It’s a great one in the winter, especially for extreme sledding. We usually only see a couple other hikers unless you go on a Saturday morning. There is a less popular and beautiful northside route as well. This time we opted for the main trail so that we could sled back down!

Both trails begin at the Dry Creek Trailhead. In the winter this is a great one for extreme sledding back down, so bring a sled along.

These first few photos are from only a couple minutes into the hike, looking both directions along the trail.

It looks a lot prettier with more snow.

As you continue up towards the second image than you get to a section with more pines.

Again, it is prettier flocked in snow.

This trail would be a challenge for most kids, especially in the winter. It’s definitely uphill the whole way. Micro-spikes were helpful. It started snowing just before we arrived at the meadow. There wasn’t wind, so it just looked pretty.

Here are a few more from the trail.

There are a couple stream crossings, but the water is shallow and the log bridges are pretty easy to cross.

When you get to the sign, head left about 20 feet and look off down the canyon. You will see a path and a bungee rope or two to help you down the steeper part. Then you’ll head along the path through the trees to the falls. With all the snow and since I was wearing snow pants, it was easier for me to slide down the steep part with the rope.

The snow lowered the visibility, but normally you have a great view of Utah County below.

There was a bit of an inversion, but otherwise it’s a beautiful view!

Follow the little trail off to the right to lovely Horsetail Falls.

If you want to see a video of sledding back down see this post on Extreme Sledding. Here are a few pictures.

For more info on Horsetail Falls or to see it in other seasons, click here:


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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