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Horsetail Falls Northside Route in Winter

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Horsetail Falls is a fun one year round. Generally I prefer this northside route. It doesn’t have many hikers and the trail is through the trees and next to the stream. You want micro-spikes when hiking this in winter.

Because the temperatures dropped so suddenly in the late fall, it seems to have frozen the fall leaves onto the trees, so even though it’s a couple days before the New Year, there are still lots of fall leaves. The waterfalls are partially covered in snow, so you can’t fully see them, but here are some photos in December and July for comparison. This waterfall is across the canyon, coming out below the traditional Horsetail Falls Trail, so it can’t be seen from that route.

Here are the main falls. If you go up the traditional route, you come upon the falls farther up, on the opposite side of Dry Creek river.

This trail is 4.25 miles round trip and nice and shady. It is a fairly consistent incline the whole way. For more details click below

If you prefer details on the main route, click here.


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