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Huber Grove and Epperson Trail Loop

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The Huber Grove and Epperson Trail Loop is an easy and beautiful loop with stunning fall foliage and a pioneer-era historic homestead in Wasatch Mountain State Park in Midway, Utah.


Wasatch Mountain State Park has many trails and various parking options, but for this loop begin at the one at 1281 Warm Springs Road, Midway, UT 84049. From the parking lot head up the sidewalk and cross the road. Pass the home and then you’ll get to the actual trail.

The trail passes through the trees. The bright red maples are so beautiful!

Very soon you come to a junction. Take the Epperson Trail in generally a northwest direction. The whole walk I was oohing and aahing at the vibrant colors of fall!

In about 3/4 mile you reach a lovely little meadow and view! There is a picnic table and another bench to take if you want to stay a while.

If you head uphill (west) from here you can get to the Crow’s Nest. To get to Huber Grove, head down the hill (east). You can see the historic buildings below in the distance.

Head down the path, cross the road, pass the restrooms and then get to the historic residence of Johannes Huber. He and his family were Swiss immigrants and one of the founding families in Midway. For more about their history and the preserved building, click here.

Continue beyond the home parallel to the road. There is a peaceful little path that winds through the grove of trees.

When you come out, you will be behind the home. There is a stream, a fruit orchard, and some picnic tables under the trees.

Return again to the path you came on. This time, right after you cross the road and the Snake Creek that goes alongside, head to your right, instead of back up the hill.

I zoomed in on the hillside. Look at all the colors!

This lower path is called Huber Grove Trail. It is closer to the road, but is still very lovely.

I was hiking in the evening and as the sun was setting, the moon had just risen! Whenever you can choose between the view of the road or the trees, I choose the trees.

Soon you are back to the parking lot.

Stats: Distance – 2.5 miles there and back
Approximate hiking time – 45-120 minutes
Elevation gain – 328 feet
Difficulty – Easy
Trail – well maintained trail of dirt and then scramble over rocks
Bathrooms – None
Seasons to hike – Year round (micro-spikes in winter)
Permits needed – $10/day ($5 seniors) or a Utah State Parks Pass
Pets allowed – Yes

Other places to explore nearby are Dutch Hollow, Bloods Lake, Lackawaxen Lake, Deer Creek Reservoir, Cascade Springs, and Strawberry Reservoir.


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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