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Lindon Marina in Winter

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Did you know you can ice skate on Utah Lake? It is only available a few weekends per year because the ice has to be thick enough to be safe. Yesterday I took my girls and it was so much fun!

Because it is so dependent on the temperatures, they cannot announce their schedules very far in advance. If it’s been freezing temperatures, check out the Lindon Marina Facebook page to see if any skating sessions have been planned for that day or the next.

They smoothed out two large rectangles and then several curved pathways farther out on the ice. Those paths were my girls’ favorite part! They sell hot cocoa and popcorn, both for $1 each. They accept cash or Venmo.

Of course the sunset is always amazing over Utah Lake! These were both taken at the Lindon Marina.

For more information on Lindon Marina, check out this post.


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