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Mallard Ducks

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I have really starting to love bird watching and wildlife photography! I still need to practice and a great place to begin is with mallard ducks. They are beautiful and plentiful.

Male mallards are called drakes. They have a yellow bill and an iridescent green head that can appear to be different colors depending on the light.

Females have orange and brown bills and a mottled brown coloring. Both males and females have a blue patch on the wing. It is most noticeable in flight, but a tiny section is noticeable most of the time.

Males have a brown chest, grey body, and black and white tail. Females and juveniles have the mottled brown on most of their bodies.

Sometimes it’s fascinating to look closely at animal faces. It can look like they’re thinking deep thoughts or have other anthropomorphisms.

Ducks can be found in so many places I can’t name them all. Many of these photos were taken at Highland Glen Pond. It’s easier for me to practice the with different camera settings when there are lots of subjects that aren’t afraid of humans, so they don’t leave before you get the shot.


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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