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Murdock Canal Trail

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The Murdock Canal Trail is a paved trail that runs for 17 miles on the east bench of Utah County with views of Mount Timpanogos and the surrounding residential areas. It is great for running, biking, and walking dogs.

At each of the trailheads there is a map and an explanation of how the canal was enclosed, including a section of the large pipe used.

The section that heads from Lehi east paralleling Timpanogos Highway is graded uphill, but large sections of the rest of the trail are fairly even.

Highland Glen Park

The Murdock Canal Trail goes right through Highland Glen Park, so some of the Highland Glen Nature Loop overlaps with the Murdock Canal.

Murdock Canal Trail

Click on this Murdock Canal Trail site for details on all the trailheads. Here are more photos of the Murdock Canal Trail.

Distance – 0-17 miles round trip (can easily expand it if connect to the Jordan River Trail)
Approximate hiking/biking time – variable
Elevation gain – variable
Difficulty – Easy
Trail – paved
Bathrooms – Yes
Seasons to hike/bike – Year Round
Permits needed – None
Pets allowed – Yes


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