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Neff’s Canyon in Winter

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Neff’s Canyon on the north side of Mount Olympus is a great place to hike and is a wonderful place to sled in the winter.

If you are hoping to sled then you will want to follow the wider path on the east side.

Typically Extreme Sledding is best with Meridian Missile and Zippy sleds, but when there is lots of powder, a plastic toboggan works well.

You can turn around at any point and sled down, but we headed up to the top of the wide path and then turned left on the narrower path.

Once we hiked it after it snowed a lot the last couple days, so we had to forge the path through the powder.

We went up about two miles, to the sign. Above the sign the avalanche risk increases, so check the danger before continuing beyond this point.

We were able to sled down nearly all of the path back down! This is what makes Neff’s Canyon in winter such a fun hike!

For more about this trail in other seasons, click on this trail. Click here for more about extreme sledding.


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