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Outdoor Equipment Rental

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Outdoor equipment rental allows you to try an activity out before committing to the purchase or storage of it. Gear for camping, climbing, biking, hiking, water sports, winter sports, and more can be rented, often affordably.

Where to Rent

The most affordable option for renting equipment is usually through the local universities. You do not need to be a student to rent, although it might give you a discount. Here are a few options:

UVU Outdoor Adventure Center

If you live in Utah County, the UVU Outdoor Adventure Center at Utah Valley University is an excellent option! It is the cheapest of all the school rental shops, so it might be worth a commute if it isn’t too far.

The exterior of the building isn’t impressive, but it is full of equipment!

We rented a canoe for $25. One day’s rental means pick it up anytime one day and return it before close the next day, so you can actually get two for one. If you have something that will be transported on your car or in a truck, bring your own tie-downs. They will help you lift it, but securing it is your responsibility.

U of U Campus Recreation

The University of Utah has a similar rental shop. It is still a great option if you live near Salt Lake!

Weber State Outdoor Equipment Rental

Weber state has an outdoor rental shop and students get 30% off.

Utah State Campus Rental Shop

Utah State also has a rental shop. If you are a student you get 30% off.

SUU Outdoors Basecamp

Southern Utah University has a rental shop if you are near Cedar City.

Utah Tech University Campus Recreation Rentals

If you are near St. George, check out the rental shop at Utah Tech University.


REI also offers equipment rentals. They have a lot more options, but it is also significantly more expensive.


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