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Palisade Reservoir

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Palisade is an Utah state park next to Manti, Utah that offers a reservoir, golf course, camping, and more.


Palisade is about 18 minutes from Snow College in Ephraim and ten minutes south of Manti. We got there by 8:30 am on Saturday and there was hardly anyone there, by late morning the parking lot was filling up.


The dam was built in the 1860s after settler Daniel Funk imagined a resort. It quickly gained popularity. After World War I, it was sold to a couple from New York who renamed it after their home region, Palisades, NY.

Palisade Reservoir

Palisade Reservoir covers 75 acres, but is only about 20 feet deep. Near the shallow shore, there is some American pondweed. This is actually a beneficial plant, providing food and shelter for the ducks and fish, while preventing algae.

Near the entrance there are rentals available of paddle boards and pedal boats.

It’s a very beautiful lake!

There are some cabins on the mountain side of the reservoir.

The camping spots are right along the shore, which means there isn’t a lot of privacy or shade, but great reservoir access.

Palisade Trails

There is also a trail that goes around Palisade Reservoir, with an option to go up the little hill on the far side of the lake.


Palisade Reservoir is stocked with rainbow trout, tiger trout and a limited amount of cutthroat trout. My husband just caught rainbow trout.

My boys loved paddle boarding and relaxing at the lake! There are no motorized watercraft allowed on the lake, so it’s nice and peaceful. If you want to waterski, try nearby Yuba Lake.

We saw people cliff jumping on the far side.

Here are a few more of beautiful Palisade Reservoir!

Palisade Reservoir Stats:  

Restrooms: Yes

Permits required: $10/vehicle of Utah State Parks pass

Pets allowed – Yes

Distance – 0-1.5 miles

Maple Canyon is nearby, so check out Maple Box Canyon and Maple Canyon Arch.


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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