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Prayer Flags in Winter

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The Tibetan-style prayer flags and miniature country flags on a hill in Eagle Mountain make for a fun winter hike.


Prayer Flag Hill is in Eagle Mountain in The Ranches neighborhood. It is within a few minutes of several other trails.

In order from left to right and top to bottom (west to east and north to south):

Eagle Mountain Petroglyphs (turquoise), Turtle Hill (blue), Hidden Hollow Trails (green), Cell Towers and Rocky Balboa (purple), Prayer Flags (red), and Golden Eagle Peak (orange).

Turn off Pony Express Parkway to Hidden Valley Parkway. Hidden Hollow Elementary School is on the corner. Pass by and continue to the end of the road. There are two options. You can park at the parking lot at the corner of Locust Drive. Alternately, you can continue along the unpaved road to park closer. We passed the first parking and continued to the darker blue circle. The road wasn’t bad, but a little slushy.

Here’s the parking options. You can see where I parked at the close trailhead. The other parking lot is just behind the townhomes that are under construction.

Begin hiking up the wide path that heads northwest up the hill. Higher up the hill, the wide path turns left to the south.

As you hike up you get views of the surrounding area. This first one is looking east. You can see where I parked on the right side. The hills nearest are the Hidden Hollow Trails and the top of Cell Towers and Rocky Balboa.

As you round the corner, you see Flat Top Mountain to the northwest.

Stay on the trail until it merges with another path. Just before you see a little sign that says #5. Don’t turn on the tiny path next to the sign, but continue another 30 feet or so until the there is a wide offshoot to the left. Do you see the tree in front of my son in the second photo? You will want to turn there.

From the junction you can see some of the flags.

As you get closer, you can see the beautiful flags!

Tibetan Prayer Flags are traditionally put in high places so the blessings can be carried to all beings.

You can see the prayers are printed on several of the prayer flags. Different colors stand for different elements.

There are also many strings of mini country flags!

If you look to the west you can look down on Eagle Mountain City Center.

To the south there is another mountain.

For details and to learn more about the Prayer Flag hike in other seasons click here.

Other nearby winter hikes are Golden Peak and Turtle Hill.


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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