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Provo Canyon

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Provo Canyon Road is a highway that follows the Provo River from Orem, Utah up to Deer Creek Reservoir. It is a scenic drive and there are beautiful hikes and places to stop and further appreciate the beauty. There is a paved bike and walking path called the Provo River Parkway that heads up from the base of the canyon up to Vivian Park.

There is consistent cell service through the main canyon, but not all of South Fork. Provo Canyon is part of the amazing Alpine Loop with American Fork Canyon.

The Alpine Loop Scenic Drive is one of the best places to see fall colors and mountain views in all of Utah.

Canyon Entrance

The entrance is in Orem at 800 North in 1600 East. From I-15 you can head east on 800 North and head up into the canyon.

Provo Canyon Road

The road up Provo Canyon is a major highway, US-189, so you go quickly up the canyon.

Kyhv Peak – Kyhv Peak Road

Head up US-189 through Provo Canyon. Almost immediately on your right is the turn off to Kyhv Peak Road (formerly Squaw Peak Road). That will lead you to Kyhv Peak Overlook (o miles), Upper Quito Trail, and Buffalo Peak Trail (0.9 miles, easy).

Kyhv Peak Overlook

Continuing up Provo Canyon you will pass Canyon Glen Park with Canyon Glen Loop (2.8 miles, moderate).

Nunn’s Park

Nunn’s Park has several waterfalls nearby, including the famous Bridal Veil Falls (0-1.4 miles, easy) that is visible from the road. At the same turn off you can access Lost Creek Falls (2.8 miles, difficult), Springdell Cascade (also called Bridesmaid Falls) (2.4 miles, moderate), and Upper Falls (0.6-1.0 miles, moderate).

Vivian Park and South Fork

At Vivian Park you is where you get out to float the Provo River. If it’s winter you can see the frozen bubbles in the park. This is also the detour to South Fork Park, Big Springs Hollow Loop (3.9 moderate miles), and Big Springs to First Meadow (1.1 easy miles).

As you get a little higher you can more clearly see the Provo River on your right.

There is a tunnel to pass through. That second photo is the opposite direction, heading down the canyon.

A little higher is the turn off to the left UT-92 towards Sundance. For more about this direction check out my post on the Alpine Loop!

Provo River Float Halfway Point

At the Google Maps “Provo Canyon Adventures” is the halfway point of floating the Provo River, where the bridge is. There is a small parking area with a dozen spots. You can walk down the ramp to get in or out of the Provo River.

Lower Provo River Park

Just below the dam of Deer Creek is the entrance to float the Provo River.

Deer Creek Reservoir

Deer Creek Reservoir is a reservoir in Midway, Utah. There are multiple boat ramps and all of them are part of Deer Creek State Park.

It’s a great place for fishing, water sports, and more!

Stats: Distance – 12 miles one way (longer with detours on Squaw Peak Road or South Fork Road)
Approximate driving time – 15-30 minutes one way
Permits needed – None
Pets allowed – Yes

Provo Canyon Entrance

Top of Provo Canyon near Deer Creek Reservoir

Other Scenic Drives are Alpine Loop, Big Cottonwood Canyon, the Nebo Loop and Mirror Lake Scenic Byway.


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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