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Rose Canyon Spring Trail

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Rose Canyon Spring Trail is a great hiking and mountain biking trail near Yellow Canyon in Herriman, Utah that parallels Rose Creek.


This trail begins at the Yellow Creek Trailhead at the end of Rose Canyon Road. They’re two neighboring parking areas at the end with restrooms and two trails. The left trail is Rose Canyon and the right is Yellow Canyon.

Head to the left up Rose Canyon.

There were lots of thistles and other little flowers near the trail that were magnets for butterflies, bees and hummingbird moths (white-lined sphinx moths). There were also birds, but the only one I have a picture of is a turkey vulture.

Near the trail is Rose Creek. There were some Beaver Dams, but we couldn’t see them very well from the trail.

Continuing up the gentle slope, there are trees and shrubs.

About 0.6 mile up there is a gate.

We only saw a few bikers, but it’s a great beginner trail and gives access to more advanced trails.

The heavy spring runoff had made the crevice in the road, but it was still there when we hiked this in August.

You come to a fence and meadow. There are different options about where to end this hike, but this is one of them (about 1.2 miles up).

At 1.4 miles up you come to the boundary with Camp Williams. It isn’t the prettiest of endings, but Alltrails has you end here.

The road continues heading to the right. As long as you have gone this far, you might as well go a little further for a view. At the junction, you can turn left to head to Water Fork Ridge Trail or straight to Butterfield Peak Trail. We chose the shorter option to the right.

The shrubs on the side of the path were still nice and green here!

A few minutes up the trail you get a view of the valley! This is about 1.6 miles from the beginning go the trail and makes a nice destination too.

Stats: Distance – 2.2-3.4 miles round trip
Approximate hiking time – 1-2 hours
Elevation gain – 400-500 feet 
Difficulty – Easy
Trail – trail of dirt and rocks
Bathrooms – Yes
Seasons to hike – Year Round (use micro-spikes in winter)
Permits needed – None
Pets allowed – Yes

Nearby trails include Blackridge, Sidewinder and Diamondback and Overlook Bench from Friendship Drive. In May you can check out the Fallen Officer Memorial Trail around Blackridge Reservoir. Other trails nearby are Sensei Trail, Golden Eagle Peak, Hidden Hollow Trails, Prayer Flag Hill, Turtle Hill, Eagle Mountain Petroglyphs, and Powell Lake.


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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