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Salmon Run at Strawberry Reservoir

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Every fall Utah has a Salmon Run as the Kokanee Salmon turn from silver to red, head upstream to lay their eggs. Strawberry Reservoir is an easy place to see it!

The official Salmon Run across the state begins on September 10 through November 30. Anglers may not target or keep salmon during that time. The fish really spawn from the very end of August through the beginning of November.

Strawberry Reservoir

It is very easy to see the Salmon Run at Strawberry Reservoir. They are in the stream directly next to the Visitor’s Center.

Behind the Visitor’s Center there is a boardwalk.

There are a few informational panels along the path.

In the back is the Strawberry Fish Trap.

Here they trap Kokanee Salmon to study their health and the eggs and sperm collected for spawning. They are then sent to a fish hatchery. According to an article in the Salt Lake Tribune, “hatchery-raised salmon have an 80-90% chance of becoming adult fish, compared to 5-10% chance for the salmon in the wild”.

Once the fish get large enough, they are stocked in rivers and reservoirs (Strawberry, Causey, Jordanelle, Fish Lake, Porcupine, Smith and Moorehouse, Stateline, Sheep Creek, and Electric Lake).

At the Strawberry Fish Trap you can see the fish, sorted by gender.

The males are in the closest trap. They have the biggest mouths.

Strawberry Reservoir

You can also drive 7 minutes to Strawberry Bay Marina or a little longer to the other marinas at Strawberry Reservoir!

Even during the Salmon Run, you can fish for other species.

If you prefer to skip the crowds and see Kokanee Salmon in a more natural environment, Causey Reservoir is a great option!

Distance – 0-0.3 miles roundtrip
Approximate hiking time – 10-45 minutes
Elevation gain – 5 feet
Difficulty – Easy
Trail – Boardwalk
Bathrooms – At Visitor’s Center
Seasons to hike – End of August – early November (peaks in September and October)
Permits needed – None ($10 if you want a day pass for Strawberry Reservoir)
Pets allowed – Yes

Other spots to explore are the Mirror Lake Highway and the Alpine Loop.


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