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Sledding Hills at Donut Falls

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There are some great sledding hills at the Donut Falls trailhead. There are many benefits to sledding in the mountains. There is a lot more snow, so even when there isn’t enough in the valley, there is plenty up there. The backdrop is so gorgeous, with all the snow-flocked pines and mountains.

Getting There

Park in the lot along the road at the North Fork Mill D parking lot. There is a road that is blocked, but frequented by cabin owners. Walk around the gate and keep an eye out as you walk in case any vehicles come along.

Almost immediately you can see see a little sign in the distance. As you get closer you see there is a path that heads off to the left up a little hill. Head up the little hill to the sledding hills. Follow the main road to get to Donut Falls.

When you come to the top of the path, you will be at the top of this sledding hill.

You can look across and see another sledding hill.

Here is a clip of my daughter on the sledding hills at Donut Falls:

Since the snow is deeper there you can play in the snow as well. Have fun!

Donut Falls is also a beautiful hike year round. It’s a fun one winter as long as the avalanche warning is low.

Another great place for mountain sledding is Tibble Fork Reservoir.

If you want to sled down a hiking trail, check out this post on extreme sledding.


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