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Springdell Cascade in Winter

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Springdell Cascade is a lesser-known waterfall near Bridal Veil Falls. It is also known as Bridesmaid Falls. In winter this can only be hiked when there isn’t much snow. Otherwise it is in avalanche danger. You follow the bike path from the closed winter gate and then turn right onto the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

Right now some of the snow has melted, but the path is still quite icy and snowy, so be sure to bring microspikes. there are still some leaves clinging to the trees.

We passed by some cute mountain chickadees singing along our path.

When you get to this post, turn left and head up the hill.

The path gets a little steeper here, but you’ll be great with microspikes. At this part we looked up to see ravens circling.

You walk up the path and right after it turns to the right you can see the falls.

It had been frozen last month, but now it just has icicles along the sides.

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