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Squaw Peak Road

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The Squaw Peak Road is a beautiful windy road that turns off the beginning of Provo Canyon in the Alpine Loop. It is one of the first places to change colors for fall so it makes a nice scenic drive. In September 2022 Squaw Peak was renamed Kyhv Peak. Kyhv means “mountain” in the Ute language. As of today October 1, 2022 they haven’t renamed the road, but I imagine they will shortly.

The Squaw Peak turnoff is to the right about two miles from the entrance of Provo Canyon.

At the top is the Kyhv Peak Overlook (formerly Squaw Peak Overlook) viewpoint that has an expansive view of Utah Valley.

Squaw Peak Road is closed in the winter, November 1 (or earlier if there is a lot of snow) through about Memorial Day.

Scenic Drive

Here are some photos of the drive up. Most of them are in fall because it’s so beautiful.

When you get fairly high, there is the start to the Upper Quito Trail. It isn’t marked, so you’ll need to know where to stop. This trail is gorgeous in the fall. This is also a mountain biking trail, so keep an eye out to share the trail.

Right near the top of the Squaw Peak Road there is a “T” intersection. If you head left it quickly turns to a dirt road. There are a few campgrounds and hikes. This is the short way to Buffalo Peak.

Buffalo Peak

Here are a few photos of the stunning trail to Buffalo Peak.

If you turn right at the “T”, you will soon arrive at the Kyhv Peak Overlook (formerly Squaw Peak Overlook). Here are some photos of it.


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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