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Stewart Falls in Winter

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Stewart Falls is a spectacular hike any time of year. The photos I took last fall are epic! I love it frozen as well. It is a popular trail and with good reason. This falls in an avalanche area, so be sure to check if it’s safe before you go.

Stewart Falls Trail

This trail begins at the Aspen Grove Trailhead in the same parking lot as the trail to Mount Timpanogos from Aspen Grove that passes Timpanogos Falls. This is also a major avalanche area, so check before going to the falls and I wouldn’t recommend going up to the summit until the summer. The Stewart Falls trail heads off to the left, right next to the restrooms. The trail goes through the pines and aspens. Periodically there are beautiful vistas and little friends.

This trail gets icy in the winter, so I definitely recommend micro-spikes. because of the weird early freeze, there are still some fall leaves.

The icy falls look incredible! Of course there is running water beneath all of it, but you can only see it well from the bottom.

Be careful not to stand too close, since large pieces of ice often fall of of waterfalls. I zoomed in to see some evidence of previous ice falls.

Avalanche Danger

This hike crosses an avalanche path four times, so be sure to check the avalanche danger here. You can also get the app.

This area often gets avalanches, so don’t take this lightly. If it isn’t green or yellow, I do not recommend it. Last May when I hiked it, there was still a giant avalanche area you had to cross along the trail. It doesn’t look that big in these photos, but it was probably 12 feet high and 20 feet across in May, and it had already started melting.

I had been checking the app regularly to find a good safe day to hike and since there was no snow and it stayed cold, I finally got my chance.

Here are a few more images of Stewart Falls!

To find out more about the Stewart Falls Trail and see it in different seasons, click here:


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