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Tibble Fork Loop / Tibble Fork Trail in Winter

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This trail begins the far east end of Tibble Fork Reservoir by the bridge. Nearly all the lake is frozen, but where the river enters it hasn’t frozen.

The pathway through the trees is beautiful in the snow! There are still some fall leaves this year, even though it’s January. It’s fun that this trail has a bit of red rock.

The views when you come out of the trees above the west side of the lake are amazing!

We didn’t have time to go all the way to the meadow, but we did go a little farther, then we went back down the steeper trail that ends by the dam and crossed over on the frozen lake. Always be very careful when walking across ice and have a buddy.

It hadn’t snowed for a while, but it snowed today, so hopefully it’s far more white than it was a few weeks ago.

For more information on Tibble Fork Loop/Tibble Fork Trail, click here.


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