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Timpanogos Falls in Winter

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Timpanogos Falls is one of my all-time favorite waterfalls. Actually Timpanogos Falls is two sets of waterfalls. The first one is a beautiful double tiered falls, but the second one is stunning! Here is a photo of it from last June.

Timpanonogos Falls

Now it looks quite a bit different, frozen .

This trail begins at the Aspen Grove Trail. You may get lucky and see wild turkeys as you pass Sundance Ski Resort. Is it just me, or does it look like they are missing their head feathers? Of course that’s how turkey’s are, but since the rest of them has beautiful feathers, it seems like their heads don’t quite match.

I digress, back to the Aspen Grove Trailhead. This is the same parking lot as the gorgeous in all seasons Stewart Falls. For stunning frozen photos, click Stewart Falls in Winter. This Timpanogos Falls Trail is actually one of the main trails to hike Mount Timpanogos. It is a beautiful trail and the waterfalls keep coming all the way up the trail!

This area is a major avalanche area. You can still hike here, but be sure to check the avalanche danger before you go. You can check the Utah Avalanche Center here or get the app here. If it isn’t yellow or green, I would wait for another day to hike it.

The trail heads back through the pines towards Mount Timpanogos. After a bit, the trail becomes mostly aspens. My cute ten year-old daughter hiked both Stewart Falls and Timpanogos Falls with me on Martin Luther King Day this year. Like most winter hiking, micro-spikes are very helpful.

It was quite foggy when we hiked it, so Mount Timpanogos and the top of Robert’s Horn were hidden in the clouds.

One mile into the hike is the first waterfall. Here is a summer image for comparison.

Some people think that this is the end of the hike. It is a cool destination, but the second waterfall is only one more switchback and well worth the extra few tenths of a mile. Here you can see both waterfalls.

Head up the last switchback to the second waterfall.

Beyond this point, the trail can be dangerous in the winter. It gets steeper after this point, so I would recommend waiting until the summer for this one.

For more photos of beautiful Timpanogos Falls in different seasons, click here.


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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