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Utah Lake State Park

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Utah Lake State Park is one of the most popular access points of Utah Lake. It is great for boating, kayaking, fishing, bird watching and more!

Utah Lake State Park has an entrance fee of $10/vehicle or an Utah State Parks Pass. With that fee they try to keep it clean and updated. When we were there in May 2023 we saw a ranger gathering trash along the banks. Please do your best to clean up after yourself and leave it better than you found it.


Water sports are popular on Utah Lake. It’s conveniently close to the city and large with plenty of room for boating, waterskiing, tubing, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, and more! There is a beach area, but the sand isn’t fine.

Utah Lake fishing includes white bass, channel catfish, walleye, white bass, and panfish.

Utah Lake State Park has easy to access to both the peaceful river section and the space of the greater lake.

Bird Watching

Utah Lake is a fantastic place for bird watching. Here are a few of the birds I have seen at Utah Lake State Park.

Utah Lake

Utah Lake very large, but is surprisingly shallow. It covers 150 square miles and has an average depth of 14 feet. The size of the lake makes it prone to waves on windy days.

Ice Stacks

Because it is super shallow, it freezes easily. If there are waves while it’s freezing, the ice breaks up and collects in piles that look like broken glass. These are called Ice Stacks.

There are also camping spots here. Here are a few more photos.

Seasons – Year Round
Permits needed – $15/vehicle per day or Utah State Parks Pass ($4 walk-in fee)
Pets allowed – Yes

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We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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