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Utah Lakes and Reservoirs

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There are many beautiful lakes and reservoirs in Utah. Some are accessible by car and some require hiking. I divided this list into four sections: drivable, hike around, hike-able, and viewable. “Drivable” lakes have a road that goes right to the lake. “Hike Around” also have a road to the lake, but have trails around or nearby the lake. You must hike to get to the “Hike-able” lakes. The hikes that have views of lakes from above are “Viewable”.

Here is a list of Lakes and Reservoirs in Utah, generally in order of north to south.

Drivable Lakes and Reservoirs

Utah Lake
0-1 easy miles

Hike Around Lakes and Reservoirs

0.5 easy miles
4.7 moderate miles
4.7 moderate miles
0-6 easy miles
1.5 easy miles
0-0.5 easy miles
0.9 easy miles
2.5 or 3.6 moderate miles

Hike-able Lakes and Reservoirs

6.9 difficult miles
8-9 moderate miles
2.2 moderate miles
2.3 moderate miles
2.6 moderate miles
3.9 moderate miles
4.4 moderate miles
2.8 moderate miles
4.6 moderate miles
1.7 easy/moderate miles
1.2-2.5 easy/moderate miles
4.5 moderate miles
7.5 difficult miles
7.3 difficult miles
1.3-1.5 moderate miles
0.3 easy miles
2-3 easy miles
4.5 moderate miles (goes to several lakes and has views of more)
2 easy miles
4.7 moderate/difficult miles
10.3 difficult miles
6.0-6.1 moderate miles

Viewable Lakes and Reservoirs

4.1 moderate miles
5.8 moderate miles
3.8 moderate miles
3.2 difficult miles
0.8-1.9 easy miles
5.3 difficult miles
1.4-1.6 moderate miles
4.6 difficult miles
0 miles

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We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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