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Utah Valley Trails

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There are great trails in Utah Valley, without driving far up to the mountains. Here are some great trails in the residential areas of Utah County, listed north to south.

Utah Valley Trails

Horsetail Falls – 4.0 moderate miles
Horsetail Falls Northside Route – 4.25 moderate miles
Three Falls – 5.4 moderate miles
Alpine Poppies – 1.2 easy miles (Poppies bloom a couple weeks near Memorial Day)
1.0 easy miles
Sensei Trail in Lehi – 1-5 easy miles
Jordan River Parkway Trail – 0-45 easy miles
Powell Lake – 0-0.5 easy miles
Golden Eagle Peak – 0.8-1.9 easy miles
Hidden Hollow Trails – 1-3 easy miles
Eagle Mountain Petroglyphs – 0.6 easy miles
Prayer Flags in Eagle Mountain – 0.7 easy miles
Turtle Hill – 1.4 easy miles
Highland Glen Nature Loop – 0-1 easy miles
Pleasant Grove “G” Hike – 1.9 moderate miles
Battle Creek Falls – 1.6 easy miles
Ice Stacks (can be seen on Utah Lake on cold winter days)
Dry Canyon Alternate – 4.7 difficult miles
Canyon Glen Loop – 2.8 moderate miles
Provo River Parkway Trail – 0-30 easy miles
Rock Canyon – 5.7 moderate miles
Top of the “Y” – 2.4 moderate miles
Dripping Rock Falls – 0.7 easy miles
Escalante Cross – 1.7 easy miles
Fireflies are found in Utah County!

Find other trails in the Salt Lake Valley, American Fork Canyon, Provo Canyon, Squaw Peak Road, Nebo Loop, and Diamond Fork Canyon (Red Ledges and Fifth Water Hot Springs).


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