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Visit the National Parks for Free

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Did you know that there are FREE days to the National Parks? Did you know that families of 4th graders can get a free annual pass? What about the Access or Lifetime Senior passes? This post will explain all about the options.

National Parks Free Days

Free Days at National Parks

Six days in 2021 will be FREE at all National Parks! Here is the list:

Some parks have additional FREE days. Remember that the National Parks are likely to be more crowded on free days.

Every Kid Outdoors

Every Kid Outdoors, also known as Every Kid in a Park, is a program that started in 2015. Fourth graders receive a free National Parks Pass for one year, beginning Sep 1-Aug 31 of that year. If you have a 4th grader in your family, click to get your 4th grade pass. Because Covid closed the National Parks for several months, 5th graders are also eligible for this year only. Here is the 5th grade pass.

Access Pass

If you have a disability you may qualify for a $10 lifetime pass to all National Parks and a discount to other amenities, like camping and boat launches. Here is more information on the Access Pass.

Senior Pass

If you are 62 years or old you can get either a Lifetime Senior Pass for $80 or an Annual Senior Pass for $20. You can also turn in four consecutive senior annual passes and get a free Lifetime Senior Pass. Here is more information on both the Lifetime Senior Pass and the Annual Senior Pass.

America the Beautiful Pass

If you are like me and love going to National Parks and don’t qualify for some of the other options, you can get an Annual National Parks pass, also called the America the Beautiful Pass. It costs $80 per year. All of the passes can be purchased at the parks or online here.

Check here to find all of the National Parks, Monuments, and National Recreation Areas.

Utah National Parks, Monuments, Recreation, and Historic Areas

Utah has one of the largest amounts of protected areas in the United States.

National Parks

National Monuments

National Historic

National Recreation Areas

National Conservation Areas

There are also National Forests, Rivers and other BLM land in Utah

Always Free National Parks

There are also a few National Parks that are always free!


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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