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Waterfall Hikes in Utah

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Waterfalls are a favorite scene for most of us. There is something magical about the water cascading over rocks to the stream below. Here is a list of waterfall hikes in Utah!

I’ll list these in order of hiking distance in Northern and Southern Utah. There is an asterisk by my favorites.

At the bottom I will include frozen waterfalls! These you can hike to in the winter.

Northern Utah Waterfalls

Hobbit Caves and Waterfall – 0.1 easy miles (Cache)
Hidden Falls – 0.25 easy miles (Salt Lake)
Lisa Falls – 0.3 easy miles (Salt Lake)
Grotto Falls – 0.6 easy miles (Utah)
Upper Falls – 0.6 moderate miles (Utah)
Dripping Rock Falls – 0.7 easy miles (Utah)
Rocky Mouth Falls – 07 easy miles (Utah)
Cascade Springs – 0.8 easy miles (Utah)
North Fork Park Waterfall – 0.8 easy miles (Utah)
Double Falls – 1.0 moderate miles (Utah)
Parrish Creek Pictographs and Waterfall – 1.1 moderate miles (Davis)

Upper Falls Higher Tier – 1.0 moderate mile (Utah)
Bridal Veil Falls – 0-1.4 easy miles (Utah)
Adam’s Canyon Lower Falls – 1.4 moderate miles (Davis)

*Donut Falls – 1.5 easy miles (Salt Lake)
Battle Creek – 1.6 easy miles (Utah)
Ghost Falls – 1.7-3.5 moderate miles (Salt Lake)
**Gloria Falls – 2.4 moderate miles (Salt Lake)
Springdell Cascade – 2.4 moderate miles (Utah)
**Timpanogos Falls – 2.4 moderate miles (Utah)
Waterfall Canyon – 2.5 moderate miles (Weber)
Salt Creek Waterfall 2.6 easy miles (Juab)
Lost Creek Falls – 2.8 moderate miles (Utah)
Scout Falls – 3.0 moderate miles (Utah)
Farmington Creek Waterfall and Car Graveyard – 3.3. moderate miles (Davis)
Heugh’s Canyon Waterfall – 3.0 moderate miles (Salt Lake)
Heugh’s Canyon Waterfalls – 3.5 moderate miles (Salt Lake)
**Stewart Falls – 3.4 moderate miles (Utah)
*Adam’s Canyon – 3.8 moderate miles (Davis)
Ghost Falls – 3-4 moderate miles (Salt Lake)
Horsetail Falls – 4.0 moderate miles (Utah)
Horsetail Falls Northside Route – 4.25 moderate miles (Utah)
Grove Creek Waterfall – 4.25 difficult miles (Utah)
Fifth Water Hot Springs – 4.5 moderate miles (Utah)
*Bells Canyon Lower Waterfall – 4.6 difficult miles (Salt Lake)
Three Falls – 5.4 moderate miles (Utah)
Lake Blanche Waterfalls – 6.9 difficult miles (Salt Lake)
Emerald Lake (multiple waterfalls) – 10.3 difficult miles (Utah)
*Mount Timpanogos from Aspen Grove (many waterfalls) – 10.3 – 15.7 difficult miles (Utah)

Eastern Utah Waterfalls

Upper Provo Falls – 150 feet (Duchesne)

Southern Utah Waterfalls

Mossy Cave Trail – 0.8 easy miles (Garfield)
Gunlock Falls – 1.2 easy/moderate miles (Washington)
*Hidden Haven Waterfall – 1.4 easy miles (Iron)
Sulphur Creek Waterfall – 1.8 easy miles (Wayne)
Bullion Falls – 2.0 moderate miles (Piute)
Red Reef Trail – 2.2 easy miles (Washington) (only has waterfall in winter, early spring, and sfter rain)
**Kanarra Falls – 3-5 difficult miles (Iron)

Frozen Waterfall Hikes:

Potential Avalanche Danger

The hikes in this section have potential avalanche danger. Do not hike them without ensuring the danger is low. During 2023, the snow was so deep to cause danger on even typically safe trails.

Here are other hiking recommendations:


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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