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It is fascinating to see wildlife in their natural environments. It is never guaranteed that you will see any, but I have often seen birds and wild animals while hiking. I have sometimes gone to where I hope wildlife will be to photograph them. These are only a few of the animals I have seen.


Here are some trails where you might see moose: Mount Timpanogos from Timpooneke, or only part way up to Scout Falls or the first meadow or Lake Catherine from Catherine’s Pass or Brighton Lakes.


A few places where you might see deer are Kyhv Peak Overlook, Cecret Lake, Rocky Mouth Falls, Twin Lakes, Lake Mary, Cohab Canyon, Bells Canyon and the shore of Utah Lake. They are most likely to come out at sunset.


I took photos of these bald eagles around Utah Lake.

Here are other birds I have photographed.

Powell Lake is great for bird watching.

One of the best places to see eagles, and other birds of prey is Farmington Bay and the Eccles Wildlife Education Center.

You might see wild turkeys on the trail to Bells Canyon to the Lower Waterfall, near Sundance, or near South Fork Park.

You might see mountain chickadees at Gloria Falls or Red Pine Lake.

You can see more birds at Mirror Lake or Willow Heights.

A good place for ducks is Highland Glen Pond.

These Great Horned Owls were at Antelope Island.

Here are other Antelope Island animals.

Buffalo and Antelope

Antelope Island is the place to go to find buffalo and antelope.

Lizards and Salamanders

The only place I have seen salamanders are in Cecret Lake.

In Northern Utah I have seen a lot of lizards on the Golden Eagle Peak Trail. I have also seen lizard on the trails to Horsetail Falls, Temple Quarry Nature Trail, and Adams Canyon Waterfall.

In Southern Utah lizards are plentiful. I have seen them in Capitol Reef on Cassidy Arch Trail and Sulphur Creek Waterfall, near St. George on Anasazi Valley Petroglyph Trail, and near Moab at Mesa Arch and Landscape Arch.

Mountain Goats

The best places to see mountain goats are up high on mountains. These photos are on Mount Timpanogos from either Timpooneke or Aspen Grove. You might also find some on Mount Superior. In the winter you can see them from the parking lot of Little Cottonwoods Park and Ride high on the cliffs.

Big Horn Sheep

Great Horned Sheep can be found near the entrance to American Fork Canyon and in Zion National Park.


I am glad that I don’t run into snakes very frequently. I did see the rubber snake on the trail to Timpanogos Falls, a gopher snake on Turtle Hill, and rattle snakes on the Lost Creek Falls and Dry Canyon Alternate trail.


Chipmunks and squirrels are on many trails. Silver Lake at Brighton or Bloods Lake are two examples. The pika is along the trail to Lake Blanche. The marmot was along the trail to Cecret Lake.

Butterflies and other Insects

Dragon flies are usually near water, like Lake Solitude or Fifth Water Hot Springs. Butterflies are from Wild Rose Trail, Buffalo Peak Trail, Donut Falls, and Horsetail Falls.


Fireflies are also found in Utah. Check out this post to find out all the details.


If you enjoy fishing, Mirror Lake, Tibble Fork Reservoir, Silver Flat Lake, Fish Lake, Causey Reservoir, Utah Lake, and Pineview Reservoir are good spots.

Red Foxes

Red Foxes can also be found in Utah if you know where to look.

Wild Horses

The wild horses are also fun to visit!

Wildlife Safety

Be sure that you never approach a wild animal. I always carry bear spray just in case, but in all my hiking I have never had to use it.


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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