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Winter Hiking Trails List

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Winter is a great time for hiking in Utah! This post contains many trails for winter hikes! Many people give up hiking when the weather gets cold, but it is a beautiful time to hike. It’s peaceful and there is nothing quite like a frozen waterfall. This post below gives all the tips and tricks if you have never hiked in the winter or want extra info:
Winter Hiking – All You Need to Know

Other than layers of warm clothing and wool socks, the one must-have item for winter hiking is micro-spikes for traction on the ice and snow.

Winter Hiking Safety

There are some trails that are in avalanche areas, so be sure to check before you go to make sure you’ll be safe.

Trail Sledding

Some trails lend themselves well to sledding on the way back down!

Click on this link you are specifically looking for frozen waterfalls. These trails are from north to south within each of the counties. At the bottom, I have additional links for things to see in the winter, like frozen bubbles, ice stacks, seeing winter animals, and sledding. Click on the links to get all the details.

Salt Lake County Winter Hikes

Memory Grove in Winter

Miller Park and Bonneville Glen in Winter

Porter Fork Road in Winter

Thaynes Canyon / Desolation Loop in Winter

Salt Lake Overlook in Millcreek Canyon

Rattlesnake Gulch

Neff’s Canyon Loop

Neff’s Canyon

Little Confluence Trail

Silver Lake, Brighton

(Nordic Center during ski season)

Willow Lake Trail

Donut Falls in Winter (possible avalanche area near falls)

Hidden Falls

Mill B Lower Fork Trail

Mill B South Fork Trail

Granite Flume Trail

Lisa Falls in Winter

Gloria Falls in Winter (After Gloria Falls is buried, you can still do most of the trail)

Temple Quarry Nature Trail

Bells Canyon Waterfall in Winter

Bells Canyon Lower Reservoir

Rocky Mouth Falls in Winter

Hidden Valley Trail in Winter 

Bear Canyon Suspension Bridge in Winter

Alien Tower in Winter

Utah County Winter Hikes

Horsetail Falls in Winter

Horsetail Falls Northside Route

Sensei Trail in Winter

Golden Eagle Peak

Prayer Flags

Turtle Hill

Highland Glen Nature Loop

Highland Glen Pond in Winter

Battle Creek Falls in Winter

Tibble Fork Loop / Tibble Fork Trail in Winter 

Pine Hollow Trail

Alpine Loop Road in Winter

Timpanogos Falls in Winter (avalanche area)

Stewart Falls (avalanche area – only go when the risk is low)

Big Springs Hollow

Upper Falls in Winter

Bridal Veil Falls in Winter

Springdell Cascade in Winter

Bridesmaid Falls in Winter

Rock Canyon in Winter

Red Ledges and Diamond Fork Arch

Fifth Water Hot Springs

Grotto Falls in Winter

Davis County Winter Hikes

Farmington Creek Waterfall and Car Graveyard

Adam’s Canyon Lower Falls

Adam’s Canyon Upper Falls

Mueller Park

Elephant Rock (Big Rock)

Weber County Winter Hikes

Icebox Canyon Loop

Beus Pond Nature Trail

Wasatch & Summit Winter Hikes

Other Points of Interest in Winter

Ice Stacks

Frozen Bubbles

Mirabilite at the Great Salt Lake

Bird Watching at Farmington Bay

Antelope Island in Winter 

Tibble Fork Reservoir in Winter

Lindon Marina in Winter


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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