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Emigration Canyon

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Emigration Canyon on the east side of Salt Lake City begins near the University of Utah and heads east where it merges with East Canyon and Parley’s Canyon near Little Dell Reservoir. Emigration Canyon got its name from the Mormon Pioneer emigration, primarily in 1847.


From Parley’s Canyon, take exit 134 for East Canyon and continue along UT-65 for three miles. Little Dell Reservoir will be on the right and a junction to Emigration Canyon will be on the left.

From Salt Lake City head up Sunnyside Avenue (about 850 south) east of the University of Utah.

Emigration Canyon is 7.7 miles long.

Little Dell Reservoir

Little Dell Reservoir is at the junction of Emigration and East Canyons, just a few minutes from I-80 in Parley’s Canyon.

Emigration Canyon Township

There are homes and a few businesses within Emigration Canyon township.

Ruth’s Diner has been there since 1930.

It is scenic with fall colors.

As you exit the canyon into the Salt Lake Valley, This Is the Place Heritage Park is on your left.

Across the street on the right side is Hogle Zoo.

The Natural History Museum of Utah is also nearby.

The University of Utah is located here.

Stats: Distance – 7.7 miles one way
Approximate driving time – 15-20 minutes one way
Permits needed – None
Pets allowed – Yes

There are several hikes near here, including The Living Room Lookout, Avenue Twin Peaks, Miller Park and Bonneville Glen Loop, City Creek Canyon, and Ensign Peak.


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