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Salt Lake Valley Trails

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There are so many great trails in the Salt Lake Valley. This list includes hikes in the foothills and natural areas in urban and residential areas. For this post I did not include trails that are more than five minutes up any canyon, but you can find those in posts about Millcreek, Big Cottonwood, and Little Cottonwood Canyons.

I will list these from north to south and below will be the distance and difficulty.

Salt Lake Valley Trails List

Wild Rose Trail 2.0 easy miles
Wild Rose Loop 3.4 moderate miles
Meridian Peak – 2.5-3.0 moderate miles
Ensign Peak – 1.0 moderate mile
Vista Mount – 0.3 easy miles
Memory Grove – 0-2 easy miles
City Creek Canyon – 0-2 easy miles
Utah State Capitol – 0.7 easy miles
Avenues Twin Peaks 3.6 moderate miles
Living Room Lookout – 2.3 moderate miles
Miller Park and Bonneville Glen Loop – 0-1 easy miles
International Peace Gardens – 0-0.5 easy miles
Hidden Hollow Sugar House – 0.3 easy miles
Rattlesnake Gulch – 3.8 moderate miles
Neff’s Canyon Loop – 1.0 easy miles
Little Confluence Nature Trail – 0-3 easy miles
Woodstock Meadows Park Loop 0.5 easy miles
Wheeler Farm Loop – 0-1.5 easy miles
Heugh’s Canyon Waterfall – 3.0-3.5 moderate miles
Jordan River Parkway – 0-45 miles
Utah’s Healing Field – 0.1 easy miles (Only the week of September 11)
Temple Quarry Nature Trail – 0.3 easy miles
Bells Canyon Lower Reservoir – 1.3-1.5 moderate miles
Bells Canyon Overlook – 1.4-1.6 moderate miles
Bells Canyon Waterfall – 4.6 difficult miles
Dimple Dell Park Loop – 0-15 easy miles
Rocky Mouth Falls – 0.7 easy miles
Hidden Valley Trail – 1.8 easy miles
Large Flag in Little Willow Canyon – 0-3 miles (only July 4-24)
Bear Canyon Suspension Bridge – 3.3 moderate miles
Draper Suspension Bridge – 2.3 easy miles
Jungle Trail – 1.0 easy miles
Ghost Falls – 3.5-5.7 moderate miles
Ann’s Trail – 0-10.3 moderate miles
Lupine Trail 1.8 easy miles
Little Valley Instructional Trails – 1.2 easy miles (mountain biking only)
Telegraph Trail 1.8 easy miles
Alien Tower – 2.5 moderate miles
Blackridge, Sidewinder and Diamondback Loop – 3.6 easy miles
Overlook Bench from Friendship Drive – 2.2 easy miles
Fallen Officers Memorial Trail – 0.4 easy miles (only mid-May)

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