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Fireflies in Utah

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Did you know we have fireflies in Utah? Most people don’t know it, but they are in many places over the state, especially in northern Utah. Scroll down to get specific suggestions on where to look for fireflies. Here is a map of Utah Firefly Sightings.

This map is from the Western Firefly Project: A Community Science Initiative. This macro photo of a firefly from GeoEric is from that website.

It is much clearer than the cell phone video screenshots we have in the pitch dark.

Fireflies are found in Utah from late-May to early-July, but are most common in June. In 2023 they will probably hang around a little longer because of the late winter.

Fireflies use their bioluminescence to find a mate. Males fly around blinking patterns. The female fireflies stay on grass blades watching. If they like what they see, they will repeat the pattern and the male will come to the female. In the photos you can see the dots are females and the streaks are males.

Fireflies prefer dark, wetlands. In order to see them, you would have to be looking in the right place, at dusk, usually about 10:00 pm without bright lights.

Where to look for fireflies

Fireflies love dark, marshy places. There are some specific places where fireflies are often reported:

Firefly Park

Firefly Park is located at 830 W 2200 S in Logan. There is a path through the wetlands and some observation towers. Normally this park is closed after sunset, but the ban is lifted during the early summer for firefly viewing. The best spot is between Firefly Park and Virgil Gibbons Heritage Park next door. Please be courteous and only use headlamps to get into position and then turn them off. If you have one that glows red, that is preferable.

They also host guided firefly walks in late-May through early-June.

Thompson Century Farm and Fireflies

Thompson Century Farm is located at 7421 S River Bottoms Rd in Spanish Fork. Diane Garcia owns the property and is kind enough to open it up to the public. There is such a high demand that she requires service at the farm to participate. I have helped out and been able to come for the last two years. If you are interested, join the Facebook group and plan on volunteering before next June.

Salem Pond

Salem Pond is located at 259 W Salem Lake Dr in Salem, Utah. I have seen pictures of fireflies taken here and it looks like a great spot!

Spring Lake

Spring Lake is located in Payson at 12390 S Spring Lake Road. If you stand on the west side of the lake near the fence and look over the lake, you can see them start twinkling at dusk.

Have you seen fireflies somewhere else in Utah? Please share!


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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