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Utah Lake Sunsets

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Utah Lake is a major feature that spans nearly all of Utah County. It is the third largest lake in Utah, behind the Great Salt Lake and Lake Powell. Utah Lake is a great place to view sunsets because water reflects the sky so beautifully and the mountains are so majestic in the background. For more information check out Utah Lake State Park, Lindon Marina, or American Fork Boat Harbor. I also have a post on sunrise photo spots.

There are many locations to get to the lake, and I’ll share a few.

Eagle Park

The photo above is from Eagle Park in Saratoga Springs. This is best in the winter when everything is frozen.

When you pull into the parking lot, there will be a small play ground. Beyond it you can see the lake. Walk beyond and you see the path to the shore. It is a bit muddy near the shore, so there are pallets laid to make a path. You can get great photos without taking the path, but the one below was taken from that point.

Here is the view to the east.

Here are a few more from that spot.

Saratoga Springs Marina

Another spot to watch the sunset across Utah Lake is the Saratoga Spring Marina. It is free to walk in, but there is an $8/car fee to launch a boat. Here are some photos from the marina. In the winter there are amazing ice stacks here.

Other West Side Shores

There are also many spots between the housing developments where you can walk across the fields to Utah Lake. In one of them a few visitors surprised me!

It’s amazing how ten minutes before a sunset there may not be any indication of what is about to happen. Then you start to see a few pink streaks in the east. As time passes, the east turns more and more pink, and then the west starts to turn yellow and orange. A few minutes later there is red and purple, and then it disappears.

The east side of the lake also has wonderful sunset spots.

American Fork Boat Harbor

American Fork Boat Harbor is especially fun because you can look both to the east and the west and have the water in both directions. It also has nice ice stacks.

Lindon Marina

Lindon Marina has a fee to enter, but is a nice place.

Vineyard Beach

Vineyard Beach is a great free place to go with ice stacks. The views are beautiful in summer too!

Utah Lake State Park

Utah Lake State Park is a popular place to go. This one has a larger fee unless you have a State Parks Pass.

Here are some with Ice Stacks.

Stats: Distance – 0-500 feet round trip
Approximate hiking time – 5 minutes
Elevation gain – 4 feet
Difficulty – Easy
Bathrooms – At Boat Harbor, Utah Lake State Park, and Saratoga Springs Marina
Seasons to see – November-March (only when conditions are right)
Permits needed – Depends (see below)
Pets allowed – Yes

Map to Saratoga Springs Marina free walk-in

Map to Eagle Park free, but muddy

Map to Saratoga Springs Private Marina (must live in the neighborhood)

Map to Inlet Park free, but muddy

Map to Loch Lomond Pond free, but muddy

Map to the American Fork Boat Harbor free in winter, walk-ins $2 summer

Map to Vineyard Beach always free

Map to Utah Lake State Park – $10/vehicle or $4 walk-in or State Parks Pass

Map to Lincoln Beach

Map to Sandy Beach always free


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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    Wow! I have to say I like your post. I’ve been to Utah but only to Zion and Bryce. I would love to make there one day while I’m living in Utah.

    1. utahhikingbeauty

      Thanks! Zion and Bryce National Parks are beautiful parts of Utah! There are so many wonderful things to see!

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