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Hidden Falls

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Hidden Falls is a beautiful waterfall in Big Cottonwood Canyon and is such a short walk that it’s barely even a hike.

The trickiest part of this trail is that you have to cross the highway with limited visibility. It is right where the S-curve is in the canyon, next to the trailheads to Lake Blanche and Mill B South. I could see through the trees to know when cars would be coming, but it would be stressful with toddlers at a busy time. Here is an map.

We parked at the arrow above, but there is additional parking at the Lake Blanche trailhead. Either way you’d have to cross the street once to get to Hidden Falls. Here is the little stairway area of the path prior to crossing the street.

Once you cross you can walk along the path on the right side of the water. In the spring the water will be going faster, but especially with the drought it is pretty low.

Hidden Falls Trail

There is an abandoned mine shaft that you pass.

Mine Shaft by Hidden Falls

The waterfall is about the same size as Rocky Mouth Falls, but with a much shorter trail. Because Big Cottonwood Canyon is a watershed you shouldn’t play in the water. It’s such a short detour it’s a fun, quick stop.

Hidden Waterfall

Stats: Distance – 0.25 miles roundtrip
Approximate hiking time – 10-20 minutes
Elevation gain – 49 feet
Difficulty – Easy
Trail – well maintained trail of dirt and rocks.
Bathrooms – At Mill B South Trailhead
Seasons to hike – Year round
Permits needed – None
Pets allowed – No


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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