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Bridesmaid Falls

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Have you ever heard of Bridesmaid Falls?  I hadn’t until recently.  This is a little known trail near popular Bridal Veil Falls and Upper Falls in Provo Canyon.  It is also called Springdell Cascade and Smith Ditch Falls. 

Park in the lower Bridal Veil Falls Parking, right near the underpass to Nunn’s Park.  At the west end of the parking lot is the entrance to the Provo River Parkway bike and walking path that veers up and then heads east past the other falls to Vivian Park. 

A couple minutes into the trail you will see this sign that says Bonneville Shoreline Trail.  There is also “BS” sprayed on the pavement.  Take that trail headed off to the right.

The Bonneville Shoreline trail is an extensive trail system that goes for 280 miles between Idaho and Nephi, Utah, but some sections are incomplete. This section looks mostly like these photos below.

There were a couple mountain bikers once when we hiked it, so please keep an eye out and be courteous.  The trail is very easy to follow and easy difficulty.  This trail is close enough to the highway going up Provo Canyon, so you will likely hear the traffic a bit. Once when I hiked it there were some moody clouds hiding the top of Timp (Mount Timpanogos). This view is from the trail, looking behind me towards the parking lot. Often the highway is hidden by the trees, but you will get some views.

About one mile in, there is a crossing of two trails as shown in the left photo below.  Take the left and head up the hill.

Head up the hill.

This is where the trail gets steeper.  It isn’t too challenging, but it goes from easy to moderate difficulty. This first photos is just on the side of the trail.

As you go up the hill you start to get views of Springdell Cascade above you. 

When you get to the turn, the trail gets even steeper, but it’s only about 200 feet until you get to the first photo below.  It is steep and rocky, but my kids were all able to do the last 25 feet to the base of the falls without help. (They needed assistance coming back down.)

At this point, head around the right side of the bush. Remember it’s easier to go up than down, so if this is tricky, maybe stay down and appreciate it from below. This second photo is zoomed in on that huge boulder to the right of the bush. Head up to the right of the boulder.

This is the view near the boulder.

This is such a pretty waterfall!

Here is my seven year old next to the falls for scale.

There is a metal cable secured to the right of the falls if you wanted to climb higher.  I only let my kids go up a few feet.

Bridesmaid Falls is also a great one in winter time too.  It freezes, but when I was there it just had icicles along the sides.

In the winter I saw mountain chickadees along the trail.

Stats: Distance – 2.4 miles there and back
Approximate hiking time – 1-2 hours
Elevation gain – 538 feet
Difficulty – Moderate
Trail – well maintained trail of dirt and then scramble over rocks
Bathrooms – At Trailhead
Seasons to hike – March-November
Permits needed – None
Pets allowed – Yes

Other trails nearby are Bridal Veil Falls, Upper Falls, Lost Creek Falls, Canyon Glen Loop, and Upper Quito Trail.


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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