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Mill Hollow

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Mill Hollow is a gorgeous reservoir, campground and wilderness area with amazing wildflowers in the southern Uinta Mountains!


Mill Hollow is about 32 miles east of Heber City (45 minutes). The Mill Hollow Road turns off UT-35 between Woodward and Hanna.

Mill Hollow Reservoir

Mill Hollow Reservoir was created in 1963 and is great for fishing kayaking, canoeing and more!

It is stocked regularly with rainbow, brook, tiger, and albino trout.


The wildflowers at Mill Hollow are outstanding!

All of these photos were taken from either inside my car or within about 10 feet from the road leading up about a mile above Mill Hollow Reservoir.

Scenic Drive

It was an incredibly scenic drive, especially with so many wildflowers! The road up to Mill Hollow isn’t paved for the last 3 miles to the reservoir and beyond, but it is perfectly graded as of July 2023.


There is an official campground next to Mill Hollow Reservoir that has toilets and drinking water. They also allow dispersed camping above the reservoir. Here are some of those who were boondocking.

Mill Hollow Kids Camp

If you grew up in Granite School District, then you probably went on the 6th grader overnighter to Mill Hollow. I remember going and having a good time. It lost funding about 10 years ago and was bought by the YMCA so kids are still able to enjoy it. Now it is called YMCA Mill Hollow. It is off Mill Hollow Road and you will not pass directly by it on the way to the reservoir.

Here are a few more photos of stunning Mill Hollow!


Restrooms: Yes

Permits required: none unless camping

Pets allowed – Yes

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We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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