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The “G” Hike

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The hike to the “G” on the mountain in Pleasant Grove is a bit steep, but it has beautiful city views throughout.

The "G" Hike

Last September there was a fire that burned parts of the trail. Fire crews were able to put the blaze out so now it’s left with a hodge-podge of green and burned trees.

Despite the fire, it is still a nice, though nearly shadeless hike. Some of the photos in this post were taken in April 2020 and others in May 2021. The most vibrant ones are post fire.

This trail begins in the same lot as Battle Creek Falls, which is a favorite for families. That trail heads straight up and the “G” hike begins to the left. You’ll need to walk though the Kuwanis Park entrance to find the trail. There were multiple trails to get there and some were definitely steeper than others. I recommend heading uphill immediately to the left of the pavillion. The path goes up and then through a break in the fence.

This isn’t dangerously steep so kids could do it, but it is consistently uphill, so it’s a good workout and might require some breaks.

Here is looking back down the path at the fence. See how much higher than you are already compared to the pavillion? The trail passes this weird metal thing. Does anyone know what this was for?

The views of the city below are spectacular and expansive. You can see the wind turbines down in Spanish Fork when looking to the south.

Of course the main attraction to the west is beautiful Utah Lake.

Pleasant Grove "G"

This is one with golden light from the sunset looking to the north of the lake.

The "G" Hike

We saw a hang glider!

There is one place where it looks like the trails diverge, but they merge again within a few minutes, so you choose. The right trail closer to the mountain is less steep. There is also this weather station that you pass.

Depending on when you hike there are nice wildflowers you see.

You can see the “G” from various angles as you head up.

The G is actually made of thatched metal, so sometimes plants are growing up through it.

Be aware that this hike is steep and there is virtually no shade, but it’s a great work out and has expansive city views.

Other hikes nearby are Battle Creek Falls, Grove Creek Canyon, and in the beginning of July a giant flag is hung in the entrance Grove Creek Canyon.

Stats: Distance – 1.9 miles round trip
Approximate hiking time – 1 to 2 hours
Elevation gain – 807 feet
Difficulty – Moderate
Trail – well maintained trail of dirt and rocks
Bathrooms – At Trailhead
Seasons to hike – April – November
Permits needed – None
Pets allowed – Yes


We have so much beauty in Utah to explore! I love hiking and photography and can help you find your next favorite hike! All photos were taken by me!

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