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Buffalo Peak Trail

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Buffalo Peak Trail is probably the easiest peak to summit around. The road goes so near that it is less than a mile round trip to get to the peak. The views are impressive throughout! The road to get up is the same one as the Squaw Peak Overlook, off Provo Canyon. It is splits a minute before the overlook and you will take the left road. After a minute it is no longer paved, but it is improved. It is a bit of a bumpy road, but could easily be done in a regular vehicle if you take those three miles slowly. If you want to make Buffalo Peak a longer hike, you can begin at the Squaw Peak Overlook. Then it’s about 4 miles.

The trail begins at the fence line. There are two entrances only about twenty feet apart. Take the left trail that is just farther up the road. The path is very easy for 90% of this hike. Even toddlers could walk most of it. The meadow of mules ear and the mountains around are all very scenic.

The trail meanders along with stunning views throughout! This view is turning around to look behind us (or the return trip view).

There are a couple fire pits along the way. There is one trail that heads off to the right. That is the longer Buffalo Peak Trail coming up from the Squaw Peak Overlook. Keep going straight. Just after that the trail starts to get steep. If you want to keep the trail easy, this can be your endpoint. There are still incredible views.

Looking out from the easy stopping point
The view of Utah Valley from the easy stopping point

The last couple minutes of this trail is quite steep. I would actually classify it as difficult, but because it is so short, even younger kids can do it with resting breaks.

The 360° views from the top are fantastic! Behind you is an incredible view of Mount Timpanogos! There are mountains all around and Utah Lake and the surrounding valley below.

Most peaks require so much more time and effort, but this one even kids can do!

The wildflowers along this trail were beautiful! We saw butterflies at the top and saw a deer only ten feet away! Unfortunately it ran off before I could get my camera.

This trail is also a fun one to do in the fall when the leaves change color in September.

It closes for the winter, but we tried it with some early snow.

Stats: Distance – 0.9 miles roundtrip
Approximate hiking time – 30-90 minutes
Elevation gain – 275 feet
Difficulty – Easy/Moderate
Trail – well maintained trail of dirt and rocks
Bathrooms – No
Seasons to hike – May-October
Permits needed – None
Pets allowed – Yes

Other hikes nearby are in Provo Canyon along the Alpine Loop: Bridal Veil Falls, Bridesmaid Falls, or Upper Falls. Top of the Y is also nearby.

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